Whether you train hard or play hard, Cup and Release​  can maximize your performance and help you prevent next day soreness, tightness and pain.  It’s perfect for Runners, Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, Tennis Players, Golfers, Dancers, Skaters, & Swimmers as well as for team sports like Soccer, Football and Basketball ……. the list is endless and so are the applications.

For tight and overworked muscles in the legs (calves and IT band, quads and hamstrings) as well as for back and shoulder stiffness and muscles aches and pains,”​Cup and​ Release” can easily be used BEFORE exercise to maximize performance. Try using  it post-exercise to PREVENT next day aches and pain.

No doubt about it, Dynamic Cupping beats using a foam roller!

Foam rollers are painful! They cause micro-traumatic compressive forces to the IT Band (for example) that actually lead to rebound inflammation.

Something important to remember about IT Band Syndrome:  IT band tightness is a symptom of lower extremity structural issues like excess internal hip rotation, a leg length difference or even “fallen arches”.  Find a physical therapist (or MD) that can help you analyze your treatment strategies.


Let “Cup and Release” be an important addition to your health & exercise regimen!