What is Dynamic Cupping and how does it work?

Dynamic Cupping,also known as Slide or Glide Cupping, produces the best outcomes of traditional Static Cupping​ but goes even further to produce lasting​​ Myofascial Release. Performed correctly,it leaves no bruising or marks, nor should it cause pain.

Dynamic cupping effortlessly lifts and stretches tight muscles, adhesions and underlying fascia layers. It facilitates blood flow into areas that have poor perfusion of blood. This deep perfusion brings metabolic waste out into the surrounding tissue, eventually back into the venous blood circulatory system for oxygenation or for elimination through the kidneys through the urinary system.

By pulling the cup in clinically specific directions, this hybrid form of Myofascial Release produces superior gains in soft tissue mobility and function. The net effect of combining vacuum forces with simultaneous dynamic myofascial release addresses a myriad of orthopedic and other clinical syndromes that include but are not limited to:

  • Nerve impingement
  • Radiating nerve pain
  • Localized allodynia (hypersensitivity to touch or pressure)
  • Scar tissue and adhesions
  • Softening of hardened tissue secondary to radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer
  • Muscle tightness and spasm
  • Joint stiffness, before and after orthopedic surgery
  • Wellness and for sports.