The Inventor

Susan King is a veteran Physical Therapist and Pain Specialist. She worked on one of the first multidisciplinary pain research teams for 7 years at the Medical University of SC as the manager of the Biofeedback Research Lab.

There she specialized in Biofeedback Training that included:

● Thermal Feedback,
● GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) training,
● Respiratory training
● Neuromuscular Re-education
● Functional Biofeedback training using surface EMG (electomyography)

She helped to develop a variety of programs that include:

● Headache Treatment Children and Adults.
● Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (for Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity CRPS)
● Functional Gait Training for those suffering from Low Back Pain

She has owned 2 private clinics in the Charleston area, most recently “PT and Pilates”. Susan integrates principles of Joseph Pilates, Scolio-Pilates, and Alexander Technique in her work with children, teens and adults. She likes to think of herself as a Body Mechanic (in the truest sense of that term). She enjoys searching for the causal, reactionary or idiopathic factors that cause or contribute to pain and dysfunction.

My name is Susan King and I’m a pain and posture specialist. I have 27 years of physical therapy experience that include: Biofeedback research, Chronic Pain Syndrome Specialization, Functional Pilates Rehabilitation, & integration of the principles of Alexander and Scolio-Pilates Techniques.
I see adults and teens with chronic musculoskeletal pain (headache, neck and back pain), core weakness, postural asymmetry and Scoliosis. I invented “Cup & Release” dynamic cupping tools because I was frustrated with the PT tools on the market at that time. Most caused bruising and some degree of pain during and following use. Almost a decade ago, I made my 1st dynamic cupping prototype. I designed it with flared edges and a sturdy handle so I could pull and lift skin and fascia over the regions that needed deep stretching and release. The OBJECTIVE RESULTS and PATIENT SATISFACTION exceeded all my expectations. Best of all, my cups (used for myofascial release) didn’t cause pain and didn’t leave marks or bruises! I’ve used them in thousands of treatment sessions with my clients since then and I can honestly say that “Cup and Release” Cupping Tools are superior to Slide Cupping devices currently on the market.

  • Made here in the USA
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Sturdy (I’ve used the same set for 8 years)

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